Saturday, 23 December 2006

First kiss

I shall remember this night, years from now,
when life has drifted, settled in the cracks,
covering our tracks. I shall think of how
the summer moon slipped from her shroud
and bowed to peep between the chimney stacks,
beamed softly as you said my name out loud
and stooped to press your mouth against my own;
of how wind moaned, stars clustered, rivers gushed
while Time, in eagerness to tell, had flown.
And when existence palls, I’ll think of how
one night the fretful universe fell hushed -
and blush when I remember, years from now…


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comments. You have some beautiful poetry here. Keep up the good work. I know the feeling of failure, But I also can remember how it felt to succeed. That is what I will continue to search for in this life.

Andrew Price said...

Look I'm really sorry but I am a bit of a phillipian, er fillipino? Got it Phillistine!

robinhl said...

Beautiful poem.
Counterpoints your Sonnet very nicely.