Thursday, 18 January 2007

When Daddy comes home

There is a moment in our day – which hitherto
had teemed with dimpled laughter;
tumbled, nudged and winked its way
across the sunlit birdsong-speckled hours –
there is a moment when the quivering springness
starts to slow; an instant when the light falls wingless
to the cold earth, a sudden folding of the flowers,
a hush of footfall poised upon the roaring brink
where with buckled breath we wait...
we wait for you.


chpsauce said...

Thankyou for reminding me I have a blog!

Ahhh, I spend my time on myspace nowadays, although i'll probably start blogging again sometime this year!

Can't wait till the wedding, not sure if auntie claire would be too pleased with me wearing converse though. :S

See you soon!

robinhl said...

That's so sweet... I'm trying to piece your life together from your poems and from A Stitch in Time on