Friday, 19 January 2007

Coming Home

She sat facing backwards on the train to Crewe,
watching herself shrinking in the distance
while familiar landscapes flickered past the window,
though not in black and white.
They had been, once -
with hairline cracks that burst upon a screen,
and Mother, tightly-permed and nyloned,
clicked her heels through unconnected scenes,
pulling the silent, dreamy child beyond...

Her face reflecting in the tainted glass,
she stared at fields that billowed into view,
the bales of hay like wayward scones - and paths
that led to Sunday afternoons, and you.

Those twisted paths.

She can’t forget, she tried -
examined frame by frame her flimsy life;
rewound her soul until it snapped and died -
and still she never found the child who laughed…

And now she’s coming home for Mother’s sake:
dragging her luggage along Platform Two,
she bends to brush against your Old Spiced cheek…
and shudders.

Or maybe it was you.


Shelly said...

Hi I really enjoyed reading your blog and was wondering if you would like to add it to my directory?

Thanks, Shelly

Scriptor said...

Failed poet? Not!

Your posts are intriguing

Scriptor said...

See Celtic Radio and The Fourth Dimension

Rob Windstrel Watson said...

This is terrific stuff :-)

But not updated for so long?

Gwil W said...

hi g,
it is like that on a train,
i've just posted one of Phil Larkin's more famous poems on my blog, it's the same kind of feeling or quality - a kind of middle-english-aspidistra-optimistic-hoplessness about it all.
by the way, yr book is in the post - perhaps even on a train?
keep up the very good work,

Anonymous said...

Hi Gigi,

Thanks for dropping in. I just excerpted and recommended your poetry on my Meter & Rhyme Online post (every Sunday). My blog stats have been going stratospheric. Hopefully you might get some traffic?

Let me know when you write new poems. I'll be sure to mention them. Hope all is well with your girls. My own daughters are still very young.

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