Monday, 22 February 2016

The Mirror

Good morning, sir, and who are we today?

I see another coat that doesn’t fit,

A different hat – so many different hats!

No tie, of course. You want no ties, you say.

So tell me, sir, who do we want to be?

A vagabond or pilgrim? Prince or priest?

Husband? Lover? Paragon? Or beast?

These shadows make it difficult to see.

Why don’t we try to step in other shoes

And walk a mile or two? Ah yes, you’re right,

Those other-people shoes would be too tight

And take us to a place we wouldn’t choose.

Let’s settle then for something without flaws,

In gaudy colours with a cunning weave,

A life-like heart to wear upon our sleeve-

A heart sir, yes, that always reassures!

No-one will ever know it isn’t yours…

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